Printing Custom Yu-gi-oh! Cards

Printing Custom Yu-gi-oh! Cards

This is my method of printing custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It is mainly composed of other people’s tutorials but majorly refined.

I will go by the assumption that you already have custom cards that are ready to print. If you have not made cards yet go to

You will need Photoshop as it is critical to some parts of this tutorial. GIMP is a free piece of software that may provide the tools you need. Anyway, in Photoshop click File > New… and click the arrow on the drop-down box adjacent to Preset Sizes. Then select A4 and click OK. You will need two of these, so do it again. Do this for both projects: go to View > Show > Grid.

From the Yugioh Card Maker you must open your card and copy the image. Go back to Photoshop and click File > New… (Ctrl + N). Click OK or hit Return. Edit > Paste (Ctrl + V) to paste the image on the canvas. Now go to Image > Image Size… and under Document Size change the Width and Height units to cm. Check Constraint Proportions and change the Width to 5.9cm and the height should change to 8.73. Also, you must change the Resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch to prevent the card from becoming blurred.

To the right you can see your Layers. Click and drag what should be Layer 1 (the Yu-Gi-Oh! card) onto your first blank canvas that you created earlier. Ensure that your image is snapping to the Grid. If not you can press Ctrl + Shift + ; to enable Snap to Grid. If you are printing just the one card, this includes only making one copy, skip the next paragraph.

Line up your first card so that it is one box away from the top edge and two boxes away from the left edge. Make sure that the card edges are on the Grid lines. You second card should also have one box between it and the top edge. It should be one box and a bit to the right of your first card. You need to line up the left edge of your second card with the Grid, thus the fact that we need a little more than a box between the two cards. The third card is, again, one box from the top but should have two boxes between its right edge and the right edge of the canvas.

It is difficult to see; I apologise. It is quite unimportant that they are in these exact positions, but they need to line up perfectly with their back when they print. It is possible to fit another six on the page. It just depends how generous your printer is with the page margins.

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